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This is the campaign homepage. It’s all wires and chrome here, bud. Watch your back, shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever, cut a deal with a dragon.

UPDATE : It’s been a while since this the page was updated, Ross is currently the GM.
The Team had briefly traveled to Taiwain to fullfil a mission there, then off to California Free State where they are currently working on a long term contract to cause massive financial losses to a medical research corp called Nethical Medical.
next game is scheduled for friday evening. (Feb 6th, 7pm)
After that, take a look at the wiki . There is some more helpful info there.

Who’s who: On and off team members include

  • Johnny, a decker – still alive and well

  • Glitch, a ex-mercenary – still alive and shooting people

  • Honeybear, a street sam – character retired after player died

  • Sandman, a dragonslayer shaman – still alive and flirting

  • Genghis, a gerbil shaman – alive and biting

  • Zee, a physical adept -out of play

  • Old Bones, a Voodoo Houngan

More details of PC and NPCs .

Visitors guide to Seattle of 2050

Seattle in the year 2050 Corporate guide Crime in Seattle Notable Locations

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-Johnny (14:15-02-06-50)

Shadowrun: Seattle 2050

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